Dog Poop Removal Gift Card

Think out of the box!

This time give them something fun, unique, extraordinary and something they'd never expect.  Give the Gift of Poopy Doo Dog Poop Clean Up and Removal Services, "Picking up the business so you don't have too!" 

Poopy Doo e-Gift Card FAQ Policy:

Q.  How can I purchase a Poopy Doo e-Gift Card? 

A.  Order online today or simply call us 602-956-1048.

Q.  What can I use the Poopy Doo e-Gift Card for? 

A.  The Poopy Doo e-Gift Card is redeemable for services only (i.e. dog poop removal services, patio deodorizing, patio hose spray down and so on). Some restrictions apply.

Q.  How do I check the Poopy Doo e-Gift Card balance or stored value? 

A.  Call Poopy Doo at 602-956-1048 x 1 

Q.  Can I get cash back from my Poopy Doo e-Gift Card or return it? 

A.  The Poopy Doo e-Gift Card cannot be redeemed for cash and all sales are final. 

Q.  Will Poopy Do replace the e-Gift Card? 

A.   Poopy Doo e-Gift Cards are just like cash and should be treated as such. It most cases it can be replaced as long as you have a copy of the emailed receipt and/or e-Gift Card.

Q.  What Amounts does the e-Gift Card come in?

A.  The Poopy Doo e-Gift Card can be set for any value ranging from $25.00-$1500.00. 

Q.  When does the Poopy Doo e-Gift Card expire and are there any fees associated with it? 

A.  No Expiration. You have up to 12 Months to redeem at which there will be a $5.00 per month maintenance fee to cover the cost to keep this account open and will be deducted from the stored value until it is redeemed in full or depleted.